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Diamond Fusion Coating

  • Increased deflection strength of the glass by up to 10x that of a non-treated piece of glass, making it less susceptible to stone bruising, pitting and breakage (Michigan State University study available)
  • Safety through better optical performance – Increased visibility/clarity = improved reaction time of operator(University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute study available)
  • Better moisture disbursement (hydrophobic) = improved visibility during inclement weather
  • Less dirt, (environmental contamination) and bug splatter retention – ease of cleaning
  • A reduction in transferred light refraction experienced during nighttime/sunrise conditions as well as conditions experienced during inclement weather – improved safety through glare reduction causing driver vision fatigue
  • Reduce the need for the use of harsh cleaning chemicals = environmental and maintenance benefits
  • Less frost and snow adherence by removing anchor points inherent to manufactured glass

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